To add pictures to your web page in wordpress, first resize the image to suit your web page. e.g If your page width is 940px and there are margins and sidebars, the maximum width you probably need is 640 px.

Don’t load photos straight from your camera. They could be 2Mb or 3Mb. Such sizes will only load slowly and use up all your hosting space.

In wp-admin dashboard go to pages and edit the page you want to put a picture into.

1) click the [Add Media] icon,

2) select Upload or Media Library – Select file.

3) set left / right / center / none in alignment options

4) enter caption, alt text etc.

5) select size from options or fullsize

6) select link URL if you want the pic  to click to another page, otherwise select None.

6) click [Insert into page]Computer Hey!

7) back in the page edit screen – position the image where you want it

9) click [Update]

10) if you later want to edit the image information, just click it, then click the little icon top left of the image. (Or click icon on right to delete)