Just recently Cloud Flare made free SSL available on their Free CDN (Content Delivery Network) plan. It takes 24 hours for certificates to be available.

We have installed it on www.newcastlewebdesign.com.au as a trial and it works well and fast for all pages. You can click the padlock icon to verify the certificate was issued to www.newcastlewebdesign.com.au and its term.

You need to install a plugin to make wordpress themes compatible. The plugin “CloudFlare Flexible SSL” worked for us on most but not all themes.

This drops the cost barrier to using eWay for processing credit card transactions. Previously this required an SSL Certificate + installation + dedicated IP address totaling $199.50.

EWay puts the money straight into your bank account, while PayPal takes a further day.

EWay charges 2.6% or less for high volumes, same as PayPal.

There is an eWay plugin for Woocommerce.

In addition to the free SSL from CloudFlare you need a free self-signed SSL certificate which you can set up in cPanel. Then you can use the SSL Full version in CloudFlare so that traffic is not only encrypted between the visitor and CloudFlare but also between CloudFlare and your website is encrypted.

A dedicated IP address at $49.50/year is recommended for total security. Best to organise this with your host before signing up with CloudFlare, to save doing it twice.