Premium Domain Names for Sale

Things that make domain names valuable for marketing products or services:

Short length
Contain search words

If any of the following grab your interest, send an offer to:
All reasonable offers will be considered.
The oldest are 13 years. The shortest are and They all contain search words relevant to many subjects. Search words included in the domain names include: aussie, schools, platypus, notice, pty, quit, cigarettes, live, seanachi, serene, journeys. (12/02/2006) (21/06/2008) (09/05/2004) ( 16/04/2006) (18/12/2015) (08/08/2007) (14/07/2017) (23/08/2012) (16/03/2012) (28/02/2012) (28/06/2017) (14/02/2006) (07/01/2008) (22/01/2006) (28/06/2017) (06/12/2005) (09/01/2013)

For .au names the prospective owner must qualify with eligibility conditions.